Oral presentations

Speakers are able to send their final presentation as a PDF or PowerPoint file prior to the conference by e-mail to claire.garland@iop.org. Please bring a back-up copy on a CD or USB memory stick. If you are unable to send your presentation prior to the conference, please bring it with you on a USB memory stick. You should save the presentation into the appropriate pre-named session folders on the desktop of the house computer and files should be saved by surname and initial.

To optimise compatibility, particularly for the inclusion of multimedia components, PowerPoint presentations should have been saved using PowerPoint's "Package for CD" facility. Direct connection of personal laptops (with set-up in the break prior to the corresponding session) is an acceptable but not preferred alternative. If presenting from a Macintosh computer, please bring a VGA cable with you.

The meeting space is reasonably large so speakers should use a minimum 15-point font size in PowerPoint slides to ensure legibility. Presenters are asked to prepare their talks to match the allocated times which will be rigidly enforced by session chairs.

Flash Posters

Flash posters consist of a 3-slide, 3-minute short presentation. Please prepare your flash poster using the instructions above. To ensure timekeeping in the poster session, these presentations will all be uploaded to a single computer, so please have them on USB sticks.